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Toasted Coconut Ground Coffee 200g

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Toasted Coconut Ground Coffee is Paradise in a cup! Superb Arabica-blend coffee is enhanced with the flavour of toasted coconut for a true taste of Hawaii.This wonderfully flavoured coffee conjures up swaying palms and tropical beaches. You may even develop a talent for hula! Comes complete with iconic metal Lion 'keep-fresh' clip.

A History of Lion Coffee:

Produced by the Hawaiian Coffee Company in Honolulu since 1864, Lion Coffee is famous throughout America and Japan.The first coffee trees were brought to the Hawaiian Islands as seedlings carried from Brazil aboard the British Warship HMS Blonde in 1828. They were planted in the Kona district of the 'Big Island' of Hawaii where the unique character of the volcanic soil, mild island breezes, cool gentle rains and afternoon shade created the ideal conditions for growing coffee.Made from coffees grown on plantations in Kona, Maui, Kauai and Molokai, and renowned for their wonderful flavourings. Lion Coffee is available in Toasted Coconut, Vanilla Macadamia and Chocolate Macadamia, offering a genuine taste of Hawaii.