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Rio Espresso Oro Coffee Beans (1kg) Italian Roast Coffee

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  • Rio Oro Coffee Beans are our No 1 selling Italian Coffee brand beans.

Rio Espresso Oro Coffee Beans are a blend of Arabica and Robusta quality coffee beans. They have composed of the finest grade South American sweet Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia (80%) and expertly blended with a touch of premium African Robusta coffee beans (20%) which enhances the bold character of the coffee.Perfect for making great tasting Italian espressos and cappuccinos.

These Rio Oro Italian roast coffee beans are some of our best coffee beans and are incredibly fresh because they are roasted in batches every day. We can pretty much guarantee that when ordering them online, they have been roasted usually only about 24 hours prior to your order. Even better, they will arrive at your doorstep in max 48 hours after your initial order. 

1 Kg of Rio Oro Espresso Coffee Beans makes about 143 cups of coffee, which amounts to roughly 5p per cup!

Amazing value, great coffee beans... no wonder Rio Oro are our best-selling coffee beans!

We usually sell large bulk quantities to Hotels, cafes and restaurants, however, to cater for the home market we sell these 1-kilo bags of Rio Oro coffee beans on their own too.

A 1kg bag of Rio Oro is the equivalent of 4 bags of coffee that you would normally purchase in the supermarket and that will provide you with a month's supply if you drink 2 cups a day.