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Old Brown Java Coffee Beans (250g)

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Old Brown Java coffee beans are 100% Arabica coffee and have been matured for two to three years, losing all their acidity but gaining body and sweetness. Chiswells of London is delighted to have sourced these traditional Old Brown Java coffee beans from Indonesia.

This 100% Arabica Old Brown Java coffee can be an acquired taste, but for many, no other brew will do.Old Brown Java coffee beans have a clear, sharp and bright taste which verges on the bitter side.

Old Brown Java coffee beans are an exquisite example of an Indonesian aged coffee (originating in the South China Seas) which was traditionally used as ballast on sailing ships where the sea water gave the coffee a distinct flavour.

Its mild acidity, heavy-bodied taste and sweetness are still attained today through a weathering process which takes two to three years (sometimes up to ten!) to mature and become ‘Old Brown Java’. An excellent way to kick start your day and they are perfect for an after-dinner coffee too.

Old Brown Java coffee works fantastically well with all brewing equipment, including espresso/cappuccino machines, cafetiére pots, paper/metal filter brewers, and Turkish Brewers