Monsoon Malabar Ground Coffee (250g)-Chiswell's of London - First Class Learning Bradford

Monsoon Malabar Ground Coffee (250g)-Chiswell's of London

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Monsoon Malabar ground coffee 250g.

Monsoon Malabar coffee beans get their name from being laid out in giant open-ended warehouses and washed during the Indian Monsoon season of June to September when India sees the monsoon rains sweep through its western coastal belt. 

Our Monsoon Malabar coffee beans are raked, turned and spread for 12-16 weeks during the monsoon. Once the coffee beans have been washed by the monsoon rains they adopt their signature pale gold colour.Chiswell's of London Monsoon Malabar coffee beans are prepared for export. We even ground them ourselves so that you don't have to!

Monsoon Malabar ground coffee is medium-bodied, dark roasted, and beautifully smooth with a sweet, spicy kick. Monsoon Malabar ground coffee is unique to the lush Malabar Coast of Karnataka and Kerala, where it has protected status.