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La Cafetiere Cappuccino Milk Frother

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Handheld battery-operated cappuccino milk frother.

In less than 12 seconds you can turn a small amount of milk into a perfect milky froth to use in cappuccinos, hot chocolate and other wonderful drinks including milkshakes. You can even whip eggs for scrambled eggs and omelets.

This battery cappuccino milk frother has an innovative whisk-head which turns milk into the rich, thick foam - perfect for cappuccinos.

Tip - how to make a Cappuccino with the handheld battery milk frother:

Take a high-sided glass and fill it to a third of its height with HOT milk. Take the frother and place it in the glass almost to the bottom. Hold the frother at a slight angle and turn it on. In a few seconds, the creamy foam will begin to form, now begin to raise the frother to the top of the glass and lower it again - this helps the foam to rise.

Make some fresh coffee, and pour it into a cup, then add your frothed milk and hey presto, you have a great cappuccino!. Please note colour may vary