Guatemalan Finca Culpan Ground Coffee (250g)-Chiswell's of London - First Class Learning Bradford

Guatemalan Finca Culpan Ground Coffee (250g)-Chiswell's of London

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Guatemalan Finca El Culpan ground coffee comes from the plantation which rests in the foothills and forests of the Santiaguito Volcano. The Toledo family has been growing coffee at Finca El Culpan for five generations passing down knowledge and tradition from generation to generation.

The Guatemalan coffee beans are hand picked by only choosing the ripest deep-red coffee cherries. The farm actually limits their production to maintain quality. After the coffee cherries are picked, the coffee beans are then processed immediately in the ecologically-friendly wet mill. After hulling, the beans are carefully fermented and dried. Before shipping, the coffee bean husk is removed ready to be roasted and ground.

Guatemalan Finca ground coffee from Chiswell's of London produces a sweet, clean, soft body coffee with notes of brown sugar cane, semi-sweet chocolate floral note and a slight hint of pineapple acidity.